Monday, January 17, 2011

bring me back

i just got off the phone with one of my favorite people in the entire world and i couldn't feel more blessed.  she completely brought me what's important to me and my soul, to who i am...not the me of this world but the me of the one to come. and she did it so effortlessly and probably without even knowing.  it was just one of those honest and pure conversations that doesn't happen every day but you're almost happy that it doesn't...because if it did, it wouldn't mean nearly as much and it most definitely wouldn't be as profound or important. 

i realized when we were talking that living a life dedicated to a higher power, no matter what that higher power may be, is extremely difficult sometimes. and also can be incredibly lonely. why? why do i even dedicate my life to a higher power if we're all going to end up in the same place (i think we're all going to a phat party inside the pearly gates of heaven my friends)? and i honestly don't know the answer. but i look at it like this. you do what makes you genuinely happy. and nothing less than that. and it doesn't matter what that is. and everyone's joy, pure happiness, is at least slightly different.

 but i do know that we can't look to each other for the answer. because everyone has their own bag of tricks. everyone's got that something. that something of their own that makes them happy. that something that makes them feel at home. that gives them those warm fuzzy feelings. and i honestly think that's what it's all about. are you honestly pursuing things that bring you great joy? what is your heart designed to do? what fulfills you? go and find it. and then enjoy it and grab onto it and never let go. because that's all you need. joy. joy by definition is the prospect of possessing what desires. isn't that beautiful? joy is hope. joy radiates love. and love, as the beatles say, is all you need.

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