Thursday, February 3, 2011

she(he) is love

so lately i've been on this kick of listening to sappy acoustic love songs via the ingrid michaelson pandora radio station. i enjoy music, a lot. and while i love singing along, sometimes i just like to sit and listen. and i have come to the conclusion, that the best love songs (in my expert opinion) are ones where you can substitute the lover or love-e for god.  i know some people may disagree with me or think that's just plain creepy, but one of my favorite things to do is to think of god singing a song to me or me singing a song to him. and this song she is love by parachute (the acoustic version's better) is one of these perfect, interchangable songs. the proof is in the pudding, just look at these lyrics:

"i've been beaten down.
i've been kicked around.
but she takes it all for me.
and i lost my faith, in my darkest days
but she makes me want to believe
they call her love love love love love
she is love and she is all i need
well i had my ways
they were all in vain
but she waited patiently
it was all the same
all my pride and shame
but he put me on my feet
they call her love love love love love
cuz when that world slows down dear,
and when thoe stars burn out here
oh she'll be here, yes she'll be here"

are you serious? this is one of the most beautiful explanations of God in my own life. from the beginning to the end. yeah, bad stuff has happened to me and my heart has been hurt many times, but when i'm hurting, so is He. he carries that burden for me. carries it all the way to the cross and beyond. and there are times when i get so far away from Him, so in the dark, but i realize time after time that He brings me back and gives me passion and fire for my faith. and people who claim they don't know God or don't believe in Him actually do know and believe in Him because he IS love. love. love. love. simply love. love is universal. Christ is universal. He isn't prejudice or selective or private. He is justice and inclusive and open. He is love. and everytime i seem to lose sight of this beautiful truth, He waits. and waits patiently. and it doesn't matter how i come back to Him or how long it takes my stubborn self.  He takes me, just as i am, dusts me off, and puts me back on my feet. guys, He is real. LOVE is real.

this song not only makes me feel incredibly blessed and loved by God but also helps me to reflect on my own life and how i love those around me. if my friends and family could say that just one of these phrases reminds them of the way i love them i would be overwhelmed. but honestly, i don't just want to be a line in a song, i want to be this entire song; for my mom and dad, my sisters and brother, grandparents, my cousins, aunts and uncles, friends, my future spouse and children, even my aqquaintances. i mean isn't that what it's all about? to love and love and love until you feel like you can't and then love some more? even those who you feel might not deserve it? even those who have hurt you? even those you don't know very well or at all even? because He is love, and He is all i need.

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